Garulbu is a vision of Indigenous people who strive to work together collectively to build a respectful service for our local Indigenous community, through Volunteering in the community for the community. 

The objectives of Garulbu is to assist with support with Social & emotional well-being within the local community; including diversionary programs from antisocial behavior and also to assist through the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, distress, suffering, and misfortune, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through the process of volunteers supporting social and economic development. We strive to build and commit to existing local services to bridge support and connect community members to where they need to be.


Our Mission is to be

In the Community for the Community


Our Vision is to create a Community wellness centre for all the Community to connect and enjoy as custodians of health and well-being for everyone.

Noel Rashleigh


Noel Rashleigh is an Indigenous man from the Northern Territory who has 30 years of experience working with Our Mob through Cultural healing centers and along side Government services including the defence force and correctional services around the world. Noel has experience in the delivery of deep trauma programs. 

Noel worked alongside our mob with the Royal commission into stolen generation and closely with the Defense force during the safer children's investigation in the Northern Territory. His passion is to connect people back to there identity through identifying their needs and cultural instincts. Noel has moved to Tweed Heads and has fallen in love with this country. He has been able to call it home for the past 5 years. Noel's passion is to provide a safer community and has an innovative vision to change old thinking and promote self service community delivery through Volunteers and peer experience. 

The Volunteers are from the local area of Tweed heads 


Peer Volunteers are a valuable resource for the Garulbu family

Adrian is born and bred in Tweed heads and the surrounding area, he is a Bundjalung man

Adrian Itong

Head of Shake a leg ceremony, Community connections